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City of Charlotte Housing Rehabilitation

This program is perfect for low and moderate income individuals seeking home ownership who need low interest loans for property rehabilitation. Priority is given to properties in specific defined areas in charlotte.

House Charlotte Program

House Charlotte is a program administered by the housing partnership that provides down payment assistance of up to $10000 for qualified buyers.
*Additional amounts are available for police officers, teachers, and EMT personnel**
Property must be located within an approved house charlotte neighborhood.
Loan may be used for down payment costs, closing costs or to buy down points. For additional information contact us today!!

HUD Indian Home Loan Gaurantee Program
This program provides guaranteed loans to members of federally recognized Native American tribes in North Carolina who are enrolled(verification is required). Maximum loan amount is 105% of the property’s sales price.

Monroe Down payment Assistance Program

This is a program specific to individuals who have been living within the city of Monroe for a period time preceding application who are seeking assistance in closing costs and down payment costs for properties that are within the city limits of Monroe. Loan may be used to pay for costs associated with settlement, down payments that are required by lenders and prepaid expenses. This particular program is also specific to first-time homebuyers.

NC Housing Finance Agency Down payment Assistance

This program is ideal for the buyer who may have income limitations but who would otherwise qualify for a loan. Loan amounts of $4000 or $8000 are loaned with no interest (loan amount is dependent upon income and family size). Funds may be used to fund costs associated with down payment costs or settlement (closing) costs. Need more details??? It would be our pleasure to assist you, Contact us today

NC Housing Finance Agency First Home Mortgage

The First Home Mortgage Program is a program that offers 30 year fixed-rate mortgages and is generally restricted to first time home buyers. It is available throughout the state of North Carolina. This program holds income and purchase price restrictions. Funds from the loan may be used to purchase existing or new residential homes. Contact us for additional information.

USDA Program

The USDA program provides mortgage loans for income challenged buyers who cannot obtain conventional financing through other methods and sources, yet have reasonable credit histories which would otherwise allow them to do so. Selected properties must be located in qualifying areas. Funds may be used to purchase a new or existing home, or a building site for the construction of a new home. Sales price restrictions apply and are based on county location of the property. This loan is covers 100% OF THE SALES PRICE!! NO DOWN PAYMENT!! This is a wonderful opportunity to get the process started!!

These are a variety of programs to assist most of the clients that we reach on a day to day basis. We are ready, willing and able to help you with your real estate needs, by providing experience and professionalism with a personal approach. Need a few more details? ….. No problem we are waiting today to help you experience the Complete Dream Way!