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Pre-Approval…..Is it Really Necessary?

In Fact….Most buyers decide to apply for a loan and obtain loan approval BEFORE they begin searching for the home that they want to buy!


1. Pre-Approval eliminates the burning question of how much house you can afford. This saves you time so that you only consider homes that you have the ability to purchase.

2. Generally, interest rates are locked for a set period of time. Unlike using a mortgage calculator, you will know exactly what your payment will be before making an offer to purchase a home.

A seller may choose to offer additional concessions, such as seller paid closing costs, if they know that your financing is already secured.

You can also select the best loan package without the pressure and all while potentially decreasing your time under contract, which in turn EXPEDITES YOUR CLOSING!

Ready to begin but don’t quite know who to call yet? No worries we have you covered.

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